Our Work

Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a summer day camp for children ages 6-13. Each day includes art activities, sports, health lessons, theater, Bible stories, and the children receive a meal. In Cite Soleil, 85 children participate in camp. In Passé Catabois, 170 children participate in camp. Twenty-five work stipends are earned by the young men and women camp counselors in both Cite Soleil and Passé Catabois.


Workshops are another summer enrichment program provided to youth. Youth ages 10-14 have the opportunity to learn a skill or art of choice and receive a meal. In Passé Catabois, youth have the choice of learning decorative sewing, baking, basket weaving, making decorative flowers, English, and macramé. In Cite Soleil, youth have the opportunity to learn jewelry making, leatherwork, crochet, making decorative flowers, learning to draw and paint, and making tin art. A combination of both places provides the opportunity to 360 youth as well as work stipends to 35 young men and women.


Growing Roots currently supports 28 children and youth in school. This provides tuition, uniform, shoes, books, and a backpack. In addition, Growing Roots supports two individuals attending school to become doctors. Both students have been attending school for three years. One individual has four more years to attend and the other individual has two more years.

Literacy Program

In 2021, our community partner in Cite Soleil shared the hope to start a Literacy Program. This is a new area of growth for Growing Roots. This will support two classes where 50 young adults will have the opportunity to learn to read and write.


Growing Roots provides relief during crisis. Through communication with our community partners in Cite Soleil and Passe Catabois, we are able to know the need during a crisis. Relief funds have helped after the 2010 earthquake, after the destruction of Hurricane Matthew, and during times of political unrest when prices of food were high and places of employment were shut down.